CHARMS 101 — Journal: Lesson 1


CHRM-101 — Journal: Lesson 1

            I am muggle-born and I have always known that I was different from a very young age.  Others thought that I was peculiar too.  I am glad to have now found that there are others who are like me and who would comprehend.  I sense a radiating ball of energy bouncing within the other students as well.  They are different—unique, and so am I.

          Charms are particularly fascinating as they seem to just emanate from within oneself.  I am eager to learn how to harness that energy—that power—for spellcasting.  I have much admiration for the great spellcasters who have dedicated much of their lives to honing their craft and studying the theory.  It is my aspiration to be a great spellcaster in the future—to be as skilled, knowledgeable, and wise as they are.

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