Celestia Mori is the name I go by.  I am muggle-born and new to this enchanting Wizarding World (though older than most of my classmates—the acceptance letter delivered by owl post was a number of years late!).  I have always known that I was different from a very young age. Others thought that I was peculiar too. I am glad to have now found that there are others who are like me and who would comprehend. I sense a radiating ball of energy bouncing within the other students as well. They are different—unique, and so am I.

Charms are particularly fascinating to me as they seem to just emanate from within oneself. I am eager to learn how to harness that energy—that power—for spellcasting. I have much admiration for the great spellcasters who have dedicated much of their lives to honing their craft and studying the theory. It is my aspiration to be a great spellcaster in the future—to be as skilled, knowledgeable, and wise as they are.

I also wait in great anticipation for Year 2 when I’m able to learn about the Care of Magical Creatures. I am an ardent lover of animals and magical creatures and I would love to interact with them and understand them better!  I think I have a gift in understanding non-magical creatures.  Although I cannot communicate with them formally, I seem able to comprehend their “language”, so to speak, much more easily and quickly than others.  There seems to be a level of trust between us and we tend to bond quickly with one another.  I’ve not been exposed to many magical creatures yet but I feel a sense of connection to them as well and I am terribly eager to encounter them and be acquainted with them.

In Muggle terms, this is just a whimsical hobby of mine (a side quest, if you will).  Do enrol in the “school” if you’re interested and haven’t already done so!  And share the link to your profile page so we could help and cheer each other on!

The links to Hogwarts is Here and my profile.


(Painting by Josephine Wall)

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