CHARMS 101 — Journal: Lesson 3

Ravenclaw Dormitory

CHRM-101 — Journal: Lesson 3

There are so many properties and intricacies of a wand — just how did Mr. Ollivander become so knowledgeable about wands?  It’s so admirable that he has acquired that level of expertise.  How long must it have taken him, I wonder.

The Reparo spell we were introduced to in class today is going to be so useful, I just know it!  Is this how it is in the magical realm — for tasks to be done so easily?  It would save us me so much time and effort.  I will be able to focus much more of my time on magic and learning more about this amazing world!

The other spell that we were taught in class today — Alohomora — has me a little worried though.  What point is there in having locks if every witch and wizard is able to unlock them with a simple charm?  I’m going to keep a closer watch on my stuff in the dormitory from now on.

Although Alohomora won’t be as useful to me (I’m a Ravenclaw anyway, unlike those Gryffindors and Slytherins who’d very likely go round sticking their noses in places where they’re not supposed to be), Reparo definitely will be.  Professor Virneburg ended the class by saying that these simple spells can backfire, but she didn’t say how.  I’ll have to be careful when practising these new charms.

Herbology 101 — Assignment: Lesson 1

herbology 101 assignment - lesson 1

HERB-101 — Assignment: Lesson 1


Celestia Mori is the name I go by.  I am muggle-born and new to this enchanting Wizarding World.

I think I have a gift in understanding non-magical creatures.  Although I cannot communicate with them formally, I seem able to comprehend their “language”, so to speak, much more easily and quickly than others.  There seems to be a level of trust between us and we tend to bond quickly with one another.  I’ve not been exposed to many magical creatures yet but I feel a sense of connection to them as well and I am terribly eager to encounter them and be acquainted with them.

Before the Herbology lesson today, I never had a vested interest in plants.  But the fascination sparked within me as I listened to Professor Tudor.  I see now how essential and connected Herbology is to the creatures, to spells, and to healing.  I desire to pursue Herbology further and I cannot wait for the next lesson!

What I Do Best (Potions 101)

potions 101 assignment - lesson 1

PTNS-101 — Assignment: Lesson 1

What I Do Best

I know not what potions are
I know not what potions do
Mysterious and bizarre
I wonder what I could brew

The art of potion brewing
The art of potion mixing
In dungeons with wands stirring
I find it all transfixing

The challenging recipe
The challenging procedure
Adds to the complexity
Of which I aim to master

It is a wealth of knowledge
It is a whole set of skills
This I fully acknowledge
But down my spine it sends chills

In the world of the muggles
In the world of the mundane
Potions bring about troubles
Why?  It’s hard to ascertain

Ingredients in cauldron
My dragon-hide gloves are donned
I will proceed with caution
And learn; my word is my bond

CHARMS 101 — Journal: Lesson 2

charms journal 2

CHRM-101 — Journal: Lesson 2

 “Squibs”.  What an odd name.  It’s extremely exciting learning more about this wizarding world.  It’s truly eye-opening gaining a wider, more in-depth view of the magical community.  I’ve heard of the terms ‘muggles’, ‘muggle-born’, ‘half’-blood’, and ‘pure-blood’, but not ‘squibs’.  I suppose prejudice breeds wherever there are people.  This is a slight let-down, I must say.  Isn’t there some magic to create a sort of Utopia where there’s equality for all?

Professor Virneburg had us experience the ball of energy within each of us in class today—that same “ball of energy” I referred to in my previous journal entry.  It was a phenomenal experience feeling it radiate throughout my body, and tears welled up in my eyes involuntarily.  I hope none of my classmates nor the professor noticed—that would be rather embarrassing.

I’ve been practising casting Lumos and Nox since we were introduced to them yesterday.  It’s getting quite a fair bit easier.  And today, I was particularly intrigued by one of the new spells we learnt—Wingardium Leviosa!  It isn’t as easy as how Professor Virneburg made it seem to be.  More practice is needed!

CHARMS 101 — Assignment: Lesson 2

CHRM-101 Assignment - Lesson 2

CHRM-101 — Assignment: Lesson 2

Describe how you obtained your wand

          Upon receiving my Acceptance Letter to Hogwarts, which I was thrilled by, I was immediately buzzing with excitement to get all my school supplies, especially a wand of my own.  Figuring out all the details—where the location was, how to access it, what currency was used—was not an easy task as I come from the muggle world (being muggle-born), but I managed to work some of it out.


          The shopping area was at Diagon Alley, which is a cobblestoned street just off Charing Cross Road and behind a pub called The Leaky Cauldron.  It took me some time to decipher which brick in the wall of The Leaky Cauldron I had to tap three times to enter Diagon Alley.

          OllivandersOllivanders seemed to be the best and most trusted wand shop, so that was where I headed.  The shop was narrow and shabby but piled to the ceiling with what must have been thousands of wands in boxes—it was splendid!  I took a liking to Mr. Ollivander, the wandmaker.  He is an incredibly old man but admirably wise and knowledgeable.  He taught me that it is the wand who chooses the witch or wizard, and not the other way around.


          After quizzing me on a number of rather puzzling questions, he selected a few wands from high up on the shelves and brought them down to me.  I immediately felt a strong pull towards one particular box that glowed with increasing intensity as it came closer to me, as though floating in the air.  I reached for the box and there was a gush of wind when I lifted the lid.  An amazing electricity was channelled through my fingertips and coursed through my body when I picked the wand up and I just knew that this wand and I would make an excellent pairing.

CHARMS 101 — Journal: Lesson 1


CHRM-101 — Journal: Lesson 1

            I am muggle-born and I have always known that I was different from a very young age.  Others thought that I was peculiar too.  I am glad to have now found that there are others who are like me and who would comprehend.  I sense a radiating ball of energy bouncing within the other students as well.  They are different—unique, and so am I.

          Charms are particularly fascinating as they seem to just emanate from within oneself.  I am eager to learn how to harness that energy—that power—for spellcasting.  I have much admiration for the great spellcasters who have dedicated much of their lives to honing their craft and studying the theory.  It is my aspiration to be a great spellcaster in the future—to be as skilled, knowledgeable, and wise as they are.