Astronomy 101 — Assignment: Lesson 1


ASTR-101 Assignment: Lesson 1

       I spent the weekend at Hogwarts Library researching and doing my homework (it’s a pity the library closes at 8 p.m.).  One of the topics I researched on was Astronomy: a subject I know very little about.  That night when we had our lesson under the moonlight at the Astronomy Tower, I learnt that Magical Astronomy is the study of the universe and how the happenings in outer space magically affect and directly influence the happenings and the people on Earth.  When I glanced up at the moon that night, it had me thinking about how, in Transfiguration class, we learnt that the full moon had an impact on Werewolf transformations.

       So I came across a few books in the library that talked about ‘Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban’.  There was a pivotal incident that well-known Harry Potter was involved in on a night where a full moon appeared.  The moon had caused his teacher, Professor Lupin, to turn into a werewolf as he had not taken his Wolfsbane Potion that night.  The moon played a vital role in directly effecting Professor Lupin, to which Professor Lupin had no control over and was at the mercy of the moon’s hands.  What was an affectionate and prudent person just moments before became an aggressive and highly dangerous monster since Werewolves do not keep their human minds and will attack any humans in sight.  Several sources cited that Harry Potter’s godfather, Sirius Black (i.e. the “Prisoner of Azkaban”), then willingly transfigured into his Animagus form—a black dog—in an effort to fight off the werewolf and protect Harry Potter and friends.

       From this unfortunate and untimely event that occurred due to the effects of Astronomy, we can easily see just how much of an impact and control the outer space has over us mere beings on planet Earth.

Transfiguration 101 — Assignment: Lesson 1



TNFG-101 Assignment: Lesson 1

       As I’m muggle-born and have only recently discovered the wondrous Wizarding World, Transfiguration wasn’t something I thought to be possible.  I’m slowly restructuring my idea and understanding of the world and its capabilities as I attend each new lesson at Hogwarts.  I am still very much in complete amazement with all the promising possibilities.  There is so much to learn and I am utterly intrigued.

       I would especially like to learn more about the theory in Transfiguration class.  It’s mind-boggling to me trying to wrap my head around the fact that physical objects in the world can be altered simply with magic.  How can it be so?  Just how does it work?  It is my aim to fully comprehend the theory behind Transfiguration.

       Transformation, Animagus transfiguration in particular, and Conjuration are two branches I’m most excited about.  To be able to willingly transform into an animal form whenever one wishes to, and to be able to conjure something out of thin air at any given moment—that would simply be marvellous!  I am nervous about the specificity that Transfiguration requires though.  Professor Mitchell cautioned us about that during the lesson.  But what I’m most nervous about are the dangers of Transfiguration—when spells backfire or aren’t cast correctly.  Oh, what horrors a half-completed transfiguration would be!